Hostel Students

Our mission is to develop youth through holistic education, training and capacity building programs that will empower them with the skills and aptitude to be dynamic leaders in their communities in the future.

To date, we have 30 students living in our hostel. Most of them are orphans.


These learners come from various parts of the country. They come from Gauteng, Polokwane, Kwa Zulu Natal, Khayalistha and Gugulethu. Some of these students are orphans, others are raised by a single parent and others from dysfunctional homes.

They are very bright however their circumstances and home environments are not very healthy.

It is with this in mind that An Nur  Educational Center provides them  with a safe home, a good education and their Islamic needs.

We hope to better their lives.

Our vision is to have well educated competent & dynamic youth leaders from within the less fortunate communities, who are able to serve as role models to other youth as well as positively address the social- economic challenges within their own communities.

An Nur Educational center wants to change the circumstances of these students. We include them in our dawah initiative.


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